This represents some of my thinking new and old, built and made stronger by the contributions of numerous scholars, thinkers, activists and educators (whom I will always endeavour to give credit to by name). Over time, I will begin to migrate older posts from various social media accounts to this blog and will mention the date of original publication. Over time, I hope to share new and meaningful practices by other practitioners in the field and have guest blogs as a way to amplify thinkers, practitioners and great ideas. This work requires all of us and we must continually be in a place where we are self-reflective and iterative in our practice.

Leading as my Authentic Self

I grew up the grandson of farmers. I loved the land, the animals, my friends and family. I learned to care about those less fortunate from my family and to treat everyone well and with care. The first time I experienced being “poor” and marginalized was in Catholic school which was mostly for the privileged. When I was 13 one…

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Q10- Remote learning- what are the considerations for online learning? #InclusiveDesign

So…all over the world, schooling is being moved onto online learning platforms of some kind. This provides significant challenges as well as opportunities. Starting with knowing who your students are and centring the most marginalized among them – then thinking about who you are in relation to them… what considerations/strategies/questions do you have for each of the 6 threads? Designing…

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Q9 – So what – Now what? #InclusiveDesign

Thanks for a great conversation yesterday – or probably better if i say, thanks for listening to me lol…. so we spent a little over a week having some important conversations and learning about #InclusiveDesign and our work as it is tied to #Equity, #AntiOppression, #Decolonization & #AntiRacism. But far too often, people spent time “learning”, attending conferences and having…

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Q7. What is the explicit learning & doing I am engaged in towards supporting Indigenous students and families

As educators we have a professional and ethical duty to address the debt we owe to the generations of  students who have existed in the achievement and well-being gaps. An Inclusive Design approach is imperative for systems to transform themselves and to truly serve ALL students. This work cannot be optional but must be deemed necessary, sustained, precise and well-resourced.…

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Q4. Why is it difficult for us to talk about “privilege” in Edusystems #InclusiveDesign

  There was so much that resonated for me from yesterday’s conversations. There were definitely some good conversations and collectively people talked about the different things that assisted them in shifting their practices: Critical Friends – Mentors – Femtors (thanks Julius :)) Racialized friends and people we learn from (DrawntoIntellect, Amit, Sumir, Kevin, Stephen4Equity (your prof), Mrs. T, Jordan, Critical…

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Q3. What was your moment of shift? #InclusiveDesign

  “The true focus of revolutionary change is never merely the oppressive situations we seek to escape, but that piece of the oppressor which is planted deep within us” – Audre Lorde Parker Palmer in The Courage to Teach, says, “We teach who we are”. It is a very profound statement, if we really think about it. For us to…

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