Poetry & Art

Here I share some of my poetry, art, photography and gardening (another form of art for me). These are ways I can share some of my creativity and parts of myself and my thinking that I may not always have the opportunity to do.

Breaking Chains- in memory of Pat Daley

We may not be in chains anymore But still they take our lives The’ve poured their poisons in our minds Till we hate ourselves And those who are fighting for us Theyve made us so “strategic”, We are guided by fear and not by vision Till small picture is the only big picture we know Leaving us continually fighting each…

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We will not forget – Remember Jan 29

I want to say something courageous about love and light, I want to talk about solidarity but the words seem to escape, My eyes are tired as rivers of sorrow from the depths of my heart tell a story of betrayal; I want to say be strong but I know how weak I feel, So alone and isolated. Drowning in…

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