‘At the heart of what we need for the 22nd century is to foster creativity, innovation, and design thinking,’ says new director

The newly-appointed Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) director of education believes the school board can tap into the thriving local tech centre to bring the education system into the 22nd century.

jeewan chanicka, who recently took the baton from John Bryant, talked to CambridgeToday about what he was looking forward to in the new position.

He began by addressing the elephant in every interview room.

“I do spell it all in lowercase,” chanicka said, talking about his choice to spell his full name all in lowercase. “I probably started doing that more than five years ago. It’s me decentring from myself and focusing on the collective work that needs to be done. It’s really just about being a part of the larger process, the village so to speak. I’m one of many sets of hands and shoulders to support community and ultimately all kids to be successful.”