So…all over the world, schooling is being moved onto online learning platforms of some kind. This provides significant challenges as well as opportunities.
Starting with knowing who your students are and centring the most marginalized among them – then thinking about who you are in relation to them… what considerations/strategies/questions do you have for each of the 6 threads?

Designing Instruction
Engaging Parents, families, elders and communities
Engaging Environment as Third Teacher
Responding to Student Voice and Agency
Analysing Data
Building Leadership Capacity (in this case, think about how you might do this with colleagues and friends)

Students completely losing 3 months of school will have harmful effects, ESP on the most marginalized students. Some students coming from privilege will be ok (which is wonderful) but as professionals, we want to intentionally think and start from the students who we know are in difficult situations. For some – yours was the only smile they could see. For some they may be in challenging situations that may not be conducive to learning. None of us asked for it – it is what it is. But over many decades, brilliant and inspiring educators have done amazing things- in the service of students.

There is a lot we can’t control- so this will not be perfect. But what are we able to influence, shape within our sphere of control? Lets think outloud together. #WeAreinThisTogether #SoGotThis #InclusiveDesignn