As individuals doing this work, we spent this week engaging in collective learning, sharing and reflecting about how we personally engage, what are the implications of who we are, how we do it, conversations about privilege and how they hurt students, how our egos may/not get in the way, – so moving forward from this point – what does this mean for you personally – in your role? what steps will you make moving forward? what were some “aha’s” or moments of learning/validation?  Use the guidelines in the very first post to help you frame your thinking – (you dont have to):  

We spent one of the most valuable things we have to give – our time – lets now consolidate some of that in terms of personally and professionally what it means for us and share. Be as creative as you want, we can have fun doing this work too  🙂 

We will start next week thinking about how we do this work in relation to Truth and Reconciliation. Thinking about how Equity work may help or harm the work of Indigenous Self Determination and Governance. What our work and thinking needs to consider as we do this work.