We continue to work at supporting all students to achieve their full potential. Through co-op and experiential experiences, students like Ethan can reach their full potential like Space Camp. Can’t wait to see what Ethan accomplishes next! https://wrdsb.social/3VqY2Jm

Saturday morning vibes
For all of you fighting the good fight
Remember we deserve our joy too!
"Dem cyah take my joy
Dem cyah take WE joy"
Walk good fam 💜

I'm crying...😭😍
Why representation matters.
If you know- you know.
If you dont- exactly why it matters.


Happening NOW

How do we reimagine and move education forward and support better outcomes for all students post covid-19? #onted
#Achievement & #Wellbeing canNOT occur without #equity.


Looking forward to joining the conversation after this screening of @BLAC_Ontario's new documentary. As an education system we have to be deliberate in addressing anti-Black racism. Join us on Nov 29 at @KitchLibrary's Central Library, by registering here: https://www.kpl.org/programs-and-events/event-listing/event?eventID=2534 https://twitter.com/KitchLibrary/status/1593287853319987200

Kitchener Public Library@KitchLibrary

We're screening the @BLAC_Ontario documentary film "The School to Prison Pipeline" at Central Library on Tuesday, November 29 followed by a panel discussion with community stakeholders. Watch the trailer now: https://youtu.be/ydvB_Rlx23k

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