Honoured to attend ECI’s first Muslim Cultural Celebration Assembly, witnessing the power of identity and community through talented Muslim students. When we uplift and empower our youth, they shine bright! https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1638652354051338241

Finally, I was very happy to see @wrdsb Director @jeewanc, Associate Director @SRMillerWRDSB, Trustee @kwoodck, Trustee @MaedithRadlein, E&I Officer @TeneileWarren, Comms. Officer @EBRANDENSTEIN, and Superintendent @Bill_Lemon_SO! (7)

Congratulations to ECI for organizing the first @wrdsb Muslim Culture Celebration Assembly🥳🥳 I could not be more honored to belong to this diverse, talented, and inspirational community!! (1)

#WeAreWRDSB #allearskw #onted @ECI_Events

A Kitchener school's supposed 'cancellation' of Valentine's Day could have been treated as a misunderstanding but instead it swirls in a cesspool of unfounded suspicion that the WRDSB's equity efforts esp to LGBTQ2+ are somehow dangerous, “woke nonsense.”

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